Nomad; I’m no mad!

If I hadn’t had an invite back in 2013 to pack a bag and move to Australia for a year spontaneously; I’m honestly not sure what I’d be doing today.

Instead, I’m currently setting up at an event alongside Lake Ontario in Canada. The sun is out; everyone is ready for the full day concert about to start and I’m here wishing I could get everyone else involved to do the same.

Travel was never a thing I thought was on the cards for me; to be honest it was never something I even considered would be a part of my life. Every day I get to learn and grow within myself while passing through endless amounts of cities and countries, and it’s became my whole life.

My background is in hospitality, and even though most days of this trade are spent moaning about said trade; without it I know I’d miss the social side, meeting like minded people and working in a variety of different scenes and circumstances.

But I always knew there had to be more…

There are so many ideas and plans I have for the future and being out on your own going from place to place, it only intensifies those desires to succeed.

Let me be straight with you. I’ve – for the the most part of my adult working life – been a live from pay check to pay check kinda gal. This past week I’ve been having a few revelations and it’s about time I changed that! I’m exploring ways to be able to work for myself and making myself readily available to ultimately become financially and geographically free. I’d love to hear any ideas from all you luckies who have cracked this secret already!!

Head over to Facebook , Instagram or the comments below and let me know you’re thoughts. What are you’re travel goals? Did you have any insecurities?

The amount of people that call me brave, and are blown away by what I do…

I say don’t be. I say go for it, create what you want to create, go wherever you want to go and whatever happens, happens.

Never limit yourself.

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