Ontario; A day in Kitchener

When another sunny day falls over Ontario; it’s another day for exploring!

Full disclosure; I always thought Kitchener was actually a full on different province in Canada and definatley not so close to Hamilton…duh!

Props; Instagram usually plays a massive role in deciding where I plan on exploring next; and this trip was actually inspired by fellow ‘grammar Justin (click the name to check him out! His work is very cool)

So…The first tip I took from this trip; do not go on a Monday if you wanna do the tourist part. In hindsight I should’ve done my research ahead of time but given this was my only free day, I jumped in the car and took off.

Don’t get me wrong there is still plenty to keep you entertained and lots of things to see.

How you remind me…

Again, hindsight is a beautiful thing and it wasn’t until I left the city all the municipal parking areas were jumping out at me so for my first half hour I got a good speedy look around looking for parks which weren’t restricted to permit only!

As I was spiraling upwards through the museums parking lot, I was looking out at the city below me and I had a flashback to home when we visited Aberdeen for the first time. Deja vu hit; same layout, same vibe!

Bottoms Up…

Balzac’s coffee is this lovely little instagrammable hotspot that caters to the technology teams around it. It’s based in the middle of an innovation district located in a beautiful old tannery building – also beside a craft brewery and the google office!

The busy retro floor supports tall blanket white walls with minimal design touches to make this the perfect spot for a sit down, a natter, or an instagram sesh.

Did I mention they also have delicious coffee?

Modern Art…

I found Kitchener to be super modern which was also unexpected! The city hall that stands now looks fresh, (for being over 20 years old), and has a beautiful water feature, garden and seating area outside perfect for people watching!!

I’m also a massive fan of street art that’s done well or with meaning and the various graffiti spots around the city I think only add to the culture and storytelling of the town. Goudies Lane shown below is a perfect example!

As I mentioned previously, Monday wasn’t the best day to pick, one of the places I had heard great things about was the museum aptly named…themuseum! However it’s closed Mondays and Tuesdays so for now I’ll only have to imagine what was inside!

Grabbing a bite…

When it comes to eating you won’t be spoiled for choice, although again watch what day you go!

Plenty of cuisines to choose from running along the main strip of King Street West amongst others.

I had heard about a little Italian place called 271West and if people are raving about it; well I gotta try it! From the modern signage outside to the rustic artful interior – I was introduced to the most welcoming host who wanted to find me the best seat in the house, gem. Food was delicious; offering everything from pasta to burgers to sandwiches to their fresh catch of the day! Great value for money and friendliest staff.

Call or book here!

My Pick of the Day…

By far, Victoria Park. I know, a parks a park right? Now that the sunshine is popping out every other day; the plants and trees are in full bloom so walking alongside the river dividing the park was majestic.

As I was snapping photos left right and centre; a young woman came and suggested areas I go to shoot; so I was led towards two swans around the bend; big old swans with the brightest of orange beaks that she divulged she had aptly nicknamed ‘Swanald Trump’ haha.

Crossing over bridges of Koi carp below and walking through paths of 20 Canada geese at a time – you are brought out to a clearing which is home to the Bell-tower of the old Kitchener city hall. Nice little monument for sitting and looking at the ponds around or getting into a good book on one of our chosen sunny days!

Click the image above to follow my Instagram adventures through the world!


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