Ontario; A day in Guelph

Step aside Paris!

Previously voted Ontario’s cutest town – I’d say Guelph had to be up there for the vote, and if it wasn’t, I’m putting it there!

It’s ye olde town vibe amongst the modern university town aesthetic I imagine invites a huge audience to its core.

First, the caffeine fix…

I found a free park (crazy right?!) outside the most beautiful artillery building at the heart of downtown, and just next door was an open plan coffee shop, kids toys scattered along the window ledge and a table football welcoming you at the door.

The Common on Wilson street plays host to mismatched furniture, church pews for benches and a beautifully rustic coffee bar serving one of the nicest coffees I’ve had.

Not somewhere to try for lunch if you want something substantial as they just offer a select amount of cakes but the white walls, and airy interior make for a calm, relaxed coffee date.

Spot the tourist…

The architecture in this town is really something to be desired. Surrounded by brick and stone, trees line the sidewalks and you’re never far from a church or building that you can’t walk past without whispering a silent wow.

Boutique stores and businesses blend in subtly to the stonework that surrounds them and especially in the sunshine, I could walk around this town all day long.


Anyone who knows me knows I live for the Asian cuisine. Nothing screams eat me more than a big old bowl of ramen! Luckily, I found my hot spot at Crafty Ramen on Macdonell Street. I asked for the crowd favourite and the staff got it bang on. I was guided to sample the ‘Meat Lover’ and lord…it was delicious. 4 different types of slow cooked Pork in a dream variety broth. Needless to say it disappeared pretty fast!

These guys said they’ve been around for 3 years now and here’s hoping they’re around for years to come, absolutely smashing it.

Putting their European stamp on it…

With many of the streets named after cities throughout the U.K; and most of the architecture reminding me of home; It comes as no surprise as the leader of the original Guelph settlement was John Galt, A Scotsman himself.

The churches are similar to those scattered around the U.K and Europe; even the courthouse is modelled after a castle!

So while you’re there…

Visit and be astounded by the Gothic revival basilica on Norfolk Street.

  • Check out the Civic Museum next door!
    • Follow the hill down and hit as many shops as you can manage!
      • Grab a bench overlooking the Grand river and take a minute for you.
        • With the towns core only a 10 minute walking radius; take advantage and go for a wander – and don’t forget to look up, you never know what you might miss!
        • 💜

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