The great north

Even the first step off the plane; the air smells different.

There’s people everywhere and a hundred million cars on the highway heading to where we’re going.

There’s new voices and accents and no matter who you meet you’re greeted with the warmest welcome.

Canada; I’m back!


I’ve visited this beauty of a city a number of times in the past, and this time before I take off on my own and become a sleep in the car sorta gal again, I’ve vowed to have only new experiences here in Ontario before moving to pastures new.

Disclosure; I say only new things allowed but that will never stop me from sipping on a Tim Hortons on the daily!


I’m so grateful to be surrounded by family here; given that this is my first proper solo adventure, it’s giving me a good place to start and learn the way of the Canadians.

1. I’ve had my first driving lesson.

Different side of the car and road, and picking up the habits of an Automatic over a manual.

First insticts; I’d be rotten.

Turns out, it’s not as terrifying as I saw it being! So next time you cross some borders and think you can’t do it? You’ll smash it.


2. I saw one of the seven wonders from the sky.

Having already been to the Falls, this time I was over generously gifted a flight over the falls in none other than a bloody chopper!

Hurled into the sky with a glass covered ‘copter; was absolutely breathtaking. Flying over the Horseshoe and American falls; the Niagra gorge and views that made the Skylon tower look like a toy miniature.


3. The public transport system isn’t as hard as I was making it out to be…

The Canadian public are little darlings. Everywhere I go and every time I get ditsy, there’s always been someone amazing to point me in the right direction.

Surprisingly, the majority of people are even understanding me! (It’s never easy being a Scot abroad) but as long as they nod and agree, we’re all on board!


The past few locations I’ve travelled to have been desert and mountains, so time to readapt to big city life in Toronto!

Do you have a favourite city?

Where do you go to get lost in the crowd?

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