Remembering where you came from

Why is it that we strive to go to the outer limits of the world, the furthest corners of the earth and yet 9 times out of 10 we push our home countries to the side?

This year I made a vow to change that. I think in the past 6 months I have seen more of Scotland than I have in my 29 years on earth. I’ve learned a whole lot, I’ve stood in spots that were so iconic and so important to our countries past, and explored hidden gems that I’d have never known existed.

When your passion is to travel; it becomes your life mission to see as much as you can see, every nook, every city. But do we leave home behind? I’ve had the same response from most people I meet; home is home. People stay the same, the only thing that changed is that you experienced the world and everything else stood still.


Don’t get me wrong; spending nearly 30 years in the one place can seem daunting to some – but it takes some amount of cahones in my opinion to pack up your life and take your chances in a foreign environment in countless new countries.

Luckily, this little world of like-minded travellers that we have created between us almost carries home with you. If it weren’t for the people around me and the influencers I’d met along the way, I’d have given in from the get go.

I get it, it’s scary; but I promise the plunge is so worth it.

It’s my mission from now to encourage everyone to go and explore, as far or as close as you can. Explore where you are; explore where you came from and the world will follow.



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