Episode One : Headed North

Managing to find 4 free days lately from work has became a bit of a struggle, so when I could squeeze in some time I knew we had to make it memorable.

Wednesday morning – 6am. Uber to the airport on the dawn of Anzac Day, where remembering the fallen from war rains through the country. Welcomed with old timer singers and dancers, it made the wait for security that little bit brighter that morning.
Arriving in Wellington, there are models and sculptures and signs all dedicated to Lord of the Rings and out every surrounding glass window offers a glimpse of the scenic beauty awaiting outside. Bag collected, jump in the car and off we go. The next 5 hours Is full of catching up, laughter, coffee, missed gossip and it felt so good to venture through new territory until we reached our first destination, Lake Taupo.

Our first stop was Huka Falls, admittedly not entirely what I was expecting but definatley worth the short walk around. Every second around 220,000 litres per second rage through the narrow valley making it one of the most visited natural attractions in the area.
Next up was a short drive to Craters of the Moon, a geothermic walk just outside the region of Taupo.  This hour circuit was definatley educational above all! Something I personally had never experienced before and was a wonder to witness before my eyes. Rolling hills, with the greenest patches of landscaping you have ever seen, being engulfed daily from pockets of suplhuric smoke pouring out from the earth below you.

Craters of the moon

Craters of the moon

Once we were finished being tourists for the day, we still had another hours drive to go to Turangi, where we would be staying the night and transferring to Tongariro National Park the next morning to attempt one of the biggest must do’s of anyones time here in New Zealand. So what better way to end the day with fish and chips by the water and the most outageous sunset to cap it off.




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