Ask yourself why?

Why can so many disconnect with such ease?

Why is it so carefree packing up your life and leaving everything behind?

Why is there an end to reality and an alternate mindset we call being a nomad?

Now…don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t change what I have for the world, but it can be hard! It’s not just the stress of a holiday, it’s the relocating, the settling down again, the continuous but inevitable goodbyes, the moving on.


Although I don’t believe it’s necessary to have your whole life planned out, and to have a rhyme and reason for every step you take, I’m curious if everyone who has chosen a life on the road share a similar mind.

These thoughts stem from all the unwritten rules and the things that are so often left out from the tales of travel;

The reality of distance
Personally, it becomes not so much the home that shakes you, but the people who grounded you continue along the same path that you chose to veer off. It’s the wonder and the will for them to join you on seeking out new routes and adventure.

The futility of planning
Time is precious and the fluidity of relationships become apparant, and so the game plays over from country to country. Choose to create unbreakable bonds over settling with time constraints. Every moment needs treated as the best it can be. Every minute is a lesson.

Hanging tight
Being in New Zealand is the second time i’ve lived somewhere away from home. Another country, another tale of having a heart full of ideas and the strongest will to do whatever I’m capable of doing and as much as i can in the amount of time i’ve given myself. Reality? Two years later, I’m still working. Still saving to get on the move and continuing to learn to find that balance of work and leisure.

I’m young. Life is going to throw things my way and its up to me to conquer it. Being out on my own, exploring the world, experiencing different cultures is the best education i could ask for.

Writing is my platform to share, to query, to learn and to grow.

So why am i doing this?

“One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things” – Henry Miller

M x


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