Banks Peninsula

There is no better feeling than packing up the car, jumping in and heading for the hills.
Todays trip took us to the coast. Over, around and through the summits until we reached arguably my favourite spot in Christchurch.


On the way, at the peak of one of the final heights you’ll come across is ‘The Hilltop Tavern’. Grab a drink and set yourself up on their lookout fashioned as their beer garden, or if you wanna keep moving, pull into the carpark, take in the astonishing view and move on. Either or, what lies below is likely to take your breath away.

Banks Peninsula

Only an hour and a half tops out of Christchurch, I am always so amazed at the places that are so close by to our cities, The hidden gems bursting with beauty only a stones throw away.
This town became occupied by french settlers around the 1840s. Still today, the streets are all named in french, you’ll find a running boucherie and quaint little cafes line the streets, full of french delicasies.

Akaroa harbour

The Harbour from the hill

There’s definatley a few options to keep busy throughout the trip. There are cruises to either spot the rare sealife or swim with the renowned Hector dolphins. There are heaps of hikes and walks you can take around the town. I usually park at the park at the entrance of the town, and take time to walk along the harbour to the lighthouse to take in the sights.
When i’ve walked myself into an empty stomach, I always hit the same food stop. The ‘world renowned’ Akaroa fish and chip shop. Be it as it may, it’s another chippy. But hands down, I rate it the best chippy in the world!
Check it out!

Took a detour on the way home tonight, and well suggested by a good friend, it was almost time for the sunset. If there is one thing I live for on the road, it’s finding the best spots for a perfect end to the day.
This is a winner. Birdlings Flat.






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