Land of the long white cloud.

So here marks the beginning of opening my world to you and hopefully taking you along with me! I so often get asked about my travels and recommendations of places to see and key spots to visit. To be honest, compared to hundreds of others, you can still class me as an amateur traveller. My intentions are good, but putting them to practise can often be an eye opener.

For that reason, I have decided to lay it all out in black and white, motivate myself to head back out on the road and discover things i have so often glazed over or felt i was not quite capable of achieving.


I’ll begin where i currently stand. Aotearoa, “Land of the long white cloud”.

For the last two years i have been lucky to call Christchurch my home, Quake City as its so often refered to. Seven years ago this up and coming, rising city was devastated by two massive earthquakes that turned a booming place to be into one huge flat desolate town. City cordons, heaps of restrictions and a vast amount of road works and building sites, still being worked on today, not only demolished a city, it broke people’s spirits. Fast forward seven years and the earthquakes are still on the tip of everyone’s tongue, everyone is so willing to share stories of the past, the people they knew involved and the way Canterburians rallied together to rebuild Christchurch into what it is today. To be an outsider looking in on people who lost so much to excel from the other end and create this new, creative city where things are literally popping up everyday, it makes me so happy to say i have been a part of the growth.

For this reason also, i regularly get asked, why here?

There’s a buzz here that I havent quite found anywhere else. Christchurch is unique, it is what you make of it and everything you need it to be, and i can appreciate it’s not at the top of everyone’s lists, but for me, I’ve been proud to call it home.

Port Hills.jpg

M x

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